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Last Night There Was A Murder In The Chip Shop

Murder In the Chip Shop

Last night there was a murder in the chip shop
A wee dog stole a haddy bone [show wee dog's size]
A big dog tried tae tak it aff him [show big dog's size]
So ah hit it wi a tattie scone. [mime slapping dog]

Ah went round tae see ma Auntie Sarah [point with thumb]
But ma Auntie Sarah wisnae in [spread hands out]

So ah peeked through a hole in the windae [looking through hole made by thumb and index finger]
And ah shouted "Auntie Sarah, are ye in?" [shout]

Her false teeth were lyin on the table [point to teeth, then table]
Her curly wig wis lying on the bed [point to head, then lower for bed]
And ah nearly split ma sides wi laughin [shake belly]
When ah saw her screwing off her wudden leg. [screwing off leg]